Before purchasing a pass or tickets to Inside OTH 2016 (the “Event”), including any special events scheduled during the Event, please read the following Policies, Terms and Conditions (the “Policies”) carefully. By purchasing a pass or tickets to the Event, the person purchasing the pass or ticket and the attendee (collectively “you” / “your”), are agreeing to adhere strictly to these Policies, which form a legally binding contract between Berma Films, Inc. (“we” / “our” / “us”) and you.

Availability of Passes and Tickets

Passes and tickets will be sold on an “as available” and “first-come, first-serve” basis, subject to our right to release additional passes and tickets on a future date, in our discretion.

Event Pass Required

An Event pass must be purchased prior to the Event to allow entry into the Event and to redeem Event tickets unless specified otherwise. No refunds will be given for tickets purchased without an Event pass, or for tickets otherwise purchased in error or in violation of these Policies. You agree to wear and display your Event pass at all times while onsite during Event. All passes will remain our property and must be relinquished to us upon request.

Attendee's Name and Verification

You must provide the name of the attendee(s) for all passes and tickets purchased at the time of purchase. Each name provided must match a photo ID in order to receive such pass or ticket onsite.

Transfer of Tickets Prohibited

You may not sell, resell, exchange, trade, share or transfer your Event pass or tickets under any circumstances. Only the pass holder whose name appears on the purchase receipt may utilize the pass and tickets during the Event. If we determine that you have violated this policy, we reserve the right to cancel and revoke your pass, deny you entry to the Event and keep any money paid by you.

Seating Assignments

Seat locations for certain special events may be selected at the time of purchase, and are subject to availability. Any special seating requests or requirements must be made at the time of purchase, and may be accommodated in our sole discretion.

Seating Assignment Changes

Subject to availability, we may allow your to change seats after your initial selection within your Event pass class (if, for example, you wish to trade seat number A7 for A16 to be seated next to a friend). All seating assignment changes are subject to a one-time $25.00 administrative fee. If you upgrade your Event pass class, then additional fees will be charged based on the price of the upgrade.

Pass/Ticket Delivery or Pick-up

Event passes and tickets are available four ways:

  1. Print at Home - you will be emailed a confirmation with a link to your printable tickets
  2. Mobile phone - requires download of an app called Walletini
  3. Will Call - your tickets may be picked up in person at Ticket Central in the venue. (note: If you are picking up in person please bring your purchase confirmation and a photo ID onsite to receive your pass and tickets. Passes and tickets will not be distributed to you without a printed confirmation and a valid photo ID matching the attendee name provided to us at the time of purchase.)
  4. By Mail - via USPS with a $2 delivery fee per order added at the time of purchase

Photography / Video

Photography and videography will be permitted only during the Q&A sessions and in the common areas of the Event. Photography and videography is prohibited during all special events, such as the Saturday Dinner, except only as directed by Event staff, whether on not signage prohibiting photography and videography is posted. Please note that the stars in attendance who are contracted for professional photograph sessions may not pose for personal photographs with you outside of the scheduled photograph sessions. You agree not to use any videography and or photography taken during the Event for any commercial purpose without our prior written consent. By purchasing an Event pass and attending the Event, you are agreeing (i) to allow us and our agents, licensees and assignees to use your name, voice, image and likeness for promotional, advertising, commercial or Event related purposes in media now known or hereafter devised, and (ii) that we may use any videography and or photography taken by you, by us or by others during the Event, including any special events, in our future advertising campaigns, promotional materials, future events, or for any other purpose allowed by law.

No Solicitation

No solicitations of any kind will be allowed at the Event without our prior consent, which we may refuse to give for any reason.


We are committed to keeping your personal information (such as name, email address and mailing address) confidential. We will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We and our successors, assigns and service providers may use your personal information to provide you with timely updates, notifications and other communications about Inside OTH and/or future events. You may opt out of such communications by sending an email to insideoth@gmail.comrequesting removal from our contact list(s). Our website (insideoth.com) contains links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices on such other sites. When linking to another site, you should read the privacy policy stated on that site. Our privacy policy only governs information collected on our site.

Right to Deny Entry

We reserve the right to deny you entry to the Event or any special event on the Event schedule, and/or to cancel or revoke your Event pass, all without a refund, if we believe or suspect you have violated any of these Policies or other rule of conduct relative to the Event.

Political/Controversial Material or Clothing

We reserve the right to deny you entry to, or remove you from, scheduled photograph sessions or other special events without refund, if your attire, materials or conduct are deemed political, obscene, controversial, offensive or incendiary, in our discretion. We are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


We are dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of race, age, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance. Any attendee violating these boundaries may be removed from the Event (without refund) in our discretion, and security may be called in to assist in such removal. Please promptly report any violation of this policy during the Event to Event staff.

Refund Policies

  1. All purchases are final (non-refundable and non-transferable). All tickets purchased are forfeited with non-attendance. We understand you may feel that your individual situation is the “exception to the rule,” but, to remain fair, we will adhere to this policy for each and every attendee without exception.
  2. Attendees are not allowed to resell or in any way transfer their admission tickets to another guest. If you purchase admission for a friend who suddenly cannot attend, that admission ticket will be forfeited, as it cannot be transferred to another guest.
  3. No refunds or exchanges will be given for the cancellation of a particular celebrity. Please note that all celebrities are contractually confirmed before they are advertised, but are subject to their potential work and filming schedules, which could cause a conflict with their convention appearance. This does not often happen, but it is beyond the control of event organizers.
  4. In the unlikely event of a celebrity cancellation, any "celebrity specific" tickets (such as photo op or autograph tickets) will be fully refunded within 14 business days of cancellation or transferred for another celebrity photo op/autograph at an attendee’s request.
  5. In the unlikely event that the convention is cancelled for any reason, full refunds will be issued within 14 business days of cancellation.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Additionally, we make no guarantee, warranty, or representation that our website (or the websites of our service providers) will function properly throughout the pass and ticket sales process. In the event that any such website malfunctions, we will try in good faith to resolve the malfunction in a timely fashion. Notwithstanding, by using the our website and by purchasing a pass or tickets, you agree that IN NO EVENT SHALL WE, OR OUR PRINCIPALS, AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES OR AFFILIATES, BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF OUR WEBSITE, OUR SERVICE PROVIDERSí WEBSITE(S), OR THE PASS AND TICKET SALE AND REGISTRATION PROCESS.

Representation of Attendee's Compliance

If the person purchasing the Event pass or ticket is not the individual identified as the attendee during the purchase process, you represent and warrant to us that the attendee has been made aware of these Policies, understands and consents to them, and will strictly comply with them in all respects. By purchasing passes or tickets to the Event, including any special event during the Event, or by attending the Event, you irrevocably agree to accept and strictly abide by the foregoing Policies.



Why can't we take pictures during the Cast Dinner at EUE/Screen Gems Studio?

Our photographers will be busy taking pictures while you are kicking back with your favorite stars. We want a dinner party atmosphere where everyone is truly "inside" the event and having conversations with the stars rather than being distracted by devices and photo requests. Our photos will be available to you at no cost through our online gallery.

If I spent 100s of dollars to attend this event, how can you reserve the right to not allow me entry?

You can review the actual policy HERE. The purpose of this policy is to protect guests, talent, volunteers and staff from a hostile or unsafe environment. We want everyone to have a great experience.

There are a lot of people claiming to be a part of Inside OTH. How do I know who is on the staff?


Why are tickets non-transferable?

This is to avoid scalping. We understand that these events are already expensive enough so we do not want a scalper trying to bilk you out of more money or sell you fake tickets. We want everyone to have an equal and fair chance of attending each event.

How do I receive my tickets?

When you purchase your tickets you will get to choose how you would like to receive them. You may print them at home, save them in an app on your smart phone called Walletini (www.walletini.com), have them mailed to you, or pick them up at Will Call the day of the event.

What do I need for registration?

Every attendee with a Pass MUST have his or her photo ID and/or proof of purchase. At registration, you will be asked to check to make sure you have all your tickets and that everything in your packet is correct.

I had my tickets on Friday but now I can't find them. Can you reissue them to me?

If you are able to show proof of purchase with your email or printed confirmation the venue will be able to reprint your tickets for you at the Ticket Central window.

What types of payment will you accept at the convention?

Cash, Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). Personal and cashier’s checks are not accepted.

Why do you have a security team onsite to escort the celebrities?

This is for everyone’s safety, not just the celebrities. We want everyone to feel safe at our events. 

Will (insert celebrities name here) be appearing at Inside OTH?

We are constantly negotiating with celebrities. We cannot discuss on-going guest negotiations. Our website/social media will be updated as guests are announced and confirmed.

Are there any age limitations for the events at Inside OTH?

Each person regardless of age is required to have a ticket to enter any Inside OTH event. There is no age restriction unless specifically stated in the event description.

Will I be able to take personal photos with the stars?

The photo ops are the only way to appear in a photo with the stars.

Can I purchase tickets the day of the event?

Yes, if tickets aren’t already sold out.

Am I allowed to upgrade my pass?

Yes. You may contact Ticket Central to upgrade your pass level as available. Please note that change fees may apply.

What day may I use my photo op ticket?

When you purchase your photo op tickets you will choose your day

How many attendees may appear in one photo op?

Two attendees may appear together in one photo op for the initial price. 

I know two attendees may participate in any photo op for the initial price, but we have three of us who would like to be in the photo. Can we pay an additional fee to add a third person?

No, sorry. No more than two people per photo.

Will I be able to request a pose with the celebrity guest?

There are two things to consider here. The first is time constraint. Sometimes, time could run short and poses would take time away from other guests. Secondly, it’s up to the individual celebrity guest as to whether to participate in a posed photo. Remember, it must be an appropriate pose.

Will I be able to speak with the celebrity guest during the photo op?

We know this is a tempting moment as you are face to face with your favorites but please understand that a photo op is not a “meet and greet.” Due to time constraints, you will not be able to have a conversation with the celebrities., but feel free to say hi!

How do I get my photo?

We do our photo ops differently. The photos that you purchase will be delivered to you electronically the day they are taken. If you would like to have a hardcopy we will have a vendor in the lobby offering that service.

Will the stars personalize autographs during the autograph session?

This is at the celebrity’s discretion and may also be based on time constraints.

Can I take pictures of them signing autographs?

Unfortunately, no. All cameras will need to be put away inside the autograph area.